Wake up your “self”

Wake up your “self”

Mindfulness made no sense to me when I started yoga.  All I knew was that I love the yoga, loved how I was feeling, and wanted to continue doing it.  But the funny thing about the practice of yoga is other things start to make a shift too.  Slowly, your temperament begins to change, and if you are a type A personality, your balance yourself out with B personality.

Type A individuals tend to be very competitive and self-critical. They strive toward goals without feeling a sense of joy in their efforts or accomplishments. This is characterized by a high work involvement.  Type A individuals are easily ‘wound up’ and tend to overreact. They also tend to have high blood pressure (hypertension). Type A personality run a higher risk of heart disease and high blood pressure than type Bs.

Type B Individuals. People with Type B personality tend to be more tolerant of others, are more relaxed than Type A individuals, more reflective, experience lower levels of anxiety and display a higher level of imagination and creativity.

Friedman & Rosenman (1976) conducted a longitudinal study to test their hypothesis that Type A personality could predict incidents of heart disease.  They followed 3,154 men over 8 years and asked them some of these questions……..

  • Do you feel guilty if you use spare time to relax?
  • Do you need to win in order to derive enjoyment from games and sports?
  • Do you generally move, walk and eat rapidly?
  • Do you often try to do more than one thing at a time?

That is me.  In a nutshell.  Their findings? By the end of the study, 70% of the men who had developed coronary heart disease (CHD) were Type A personalities.  They did thorough research, accounting for lifestyle and such, but it was overwhelming how type A lead to stress related illnesses.

For me, it took awhile to recognize that my behavior was changing.  But change it did, with these postures that I practiced.  My mindfulness also increased, as I became more aware of what I was doing, when I was doing it.  Generally, I became happier.  Before yoga I was very self critical of myself.  Sometimes that “lion” still comes out, but it has been tamed.  Yoga works at deeper levels than you think.

See you on the mat,




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