Upside down is right side up!

Upside down is right side up!

I’m so excited about the future of aerial hammock.  For 6 years, I’ve been encouraging people to give it a try.  The benefits on your physical body, and on your mental state are tremendous.  The fabric goes deep into places where traditional yoga cannot, or it takes years and years of practicing to go into postures that deep.  The low back pain is gone, because the whole spine gets lengthened out.  I’ve grown 2 inches from practicing aerial hammock alone.  However, care must be taken when learning this amazing practice.  Many systems of the body are flushed out, or rejuvenated.

Inversions also have a huge impact on your mind and mood.  I like to say, they turn your “crappy” into “happy”.  How you feel influences your actions in this life.  When you “feel” good, you make better decisions regarding healthy eating habits.  You also treat others better, because you’re feeling better.  When you are upbeat, it influences your whole life in such a positive way, it also influences the people around you.  This has a trickle effect on everyone you’re in contact with.

I’m SO excited to have trained this new batch of aerial hammock teachers.  They are the future of aerial hammock.  They will guide you, teach you, about this powerful practice.  We have new classes, restorative aerial hammock, with the hammock a foot above the ground will relax and de stress you.  Half and Half with warm you up with traditional yoga, and then introduce you to inversions.  Hip Height/Low Fly is an awesome mix of weightlessness hanging upside down, and the relaxation of the hammock down low.

All of the aerial hammock teachers have been trained by me.  They will make sure your safety comes first.  I’ve made sure of that.  They will do an awesome job teaching you the art of going upside down.  Come and check out our new classes.  I guarantee you will leave with a smile on your face!!

See you on the mat,

or upside down 🙂


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