Unexpected Gift

Many gifts have come to me with the practice of yoga.  Most, I had no idea about.  I came to yoga teacher training from a fitness standpoint.  It made me feel awesome, and it seemed like the door opened at the right time to take training.  Years have gone by, practicing and teaching, and yet the other day it really hit me.  Yoga has brought more love into my life.

Most of us have a pretty good amount of love for ourselves, our family, our friends.  But what happens when our family fails us, or our loved one does something wrong, or we doing something were not proud of?  In these circumstances, it’s more challenging to love.  But what happens if we could love more?  If you thought about it, BIG things would happen in your life, and the lives of all you touch with the addition of LOVE.  I’m talking about this kind of love, times 100. The deep love a mother feels when she looks at her new born.  When you gaze across the room at the person you love, and you know you would do anything for them.   I’m talking about Saturday’s class, this past weekend, I thought of all of the people who came to my class.  Who have not only trusted me once, but some of them for many years, as long as I’ve been teaching.  The blessing of the clients who come to this studio.  That is love.  It runs so deep, it made me cry.

The love doesn’t stop there.  Somehow, with this practice of yoga, priorities have shifted in my life.  My relationship with God has gotten so much stronger, that I feel stronger, more capable.  This love I feel through the practice of yoga extends to everyone that I come across, from the gas attendant, to the supermarket person.

Somehow, when I look back upon myself, when I was taking my teacher training, I think I knew.  I knew inside of my heart this was the answer.  If you follow your heart, good things happen.  Love opens doors you thought were shut.  Love is always the answer.

From my heart,


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