Turtle wins in yoga!!

Yoga practice will cure you of your ailment, with some simple understanding on how it works.  To achieve results yoga must be done with 3 things in mind.

  • Steadiness and ease
  • Persistence over a long time
  • With great joy

So, lets say you have an ailment and come to yoga for it.  First thing you must overcome is Persistence.  Many things try to get in our way when we commit to a yoga practice.  In the beginning,  clients come pretty regularly, because at first, yoga works rapidly, and you do experience a feeling of well being right away.  This blog is really for the person who has been practicing steadily, and run into an obstacle.   Say, that obstacle is back pain.  Because we really don’t want to face the reality of our thoughts and actions, we put the blame on something else……

” well, you know, I’m getting too old to be doing this yoga, I’d better stop”   or

I’m just too busy, since I’ve got my new job, or

My back pain came back, I guess yoga doesn’t work after all, or

________________insert your excuse.

You see, your body is a tape recorder of every experience, every thought, every action you have ever done.  It’s like have 10,000 coats on top of your body.  At first, with yoga practice, you start taking off layers, and it feels really good, and free not to be weighed down by all those layers.  But then, you reach that really,  really tight itchy sweater that sticks to your skin like laminate.  It seems impossible to take off.  Now you have a choice.  To either live with that itchy feeling, (that will cause Major Dis Ease down the road) or just settle down, do your yoga practice with great joy, knowing that sweater took a long time to put on, and it will take some time to take off.

During my time living on earth, I have experienced back pain, shoulder pain, or uncomfortable sensations or feelings that come with yoga practice.  But…….I don’t give up.  I come, I practice, I find steadiness and ease, and try to do my practice with great joy.  And guess what?  All of the above slowly works it’s way out of the body.   I do know how yoga works.  Sometimes you must change tactic’s.  Message me if you have run into an obstacle.  I can tell you how to get around that obstacle, on the path to freedom.

see you on the mat,




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