Too small

Do you ever go into a new house, or a place of business, and it just feels good?  A place where you can let your hair down, so to speak.  Where you are accepted no matter what?  What makes you feel that way?  Feeling that way sometimes goes back to the person/s who created this spot.  What was their intention?

On Easter Sunday, 2012  I got the keys to the studio.  What lay ahead was 4 months of tearing out old stuff, and decorating, and seeing the vision of what this space could be.   So, I sat down, in the big room, and meditated.  I set an intention (more on that later), and really envisioned what this space could be.   I’ve really tried hard to match my vision, with what you see and feel when you come into the studio.  I saw and felt a big room, expansive, full of light, where many people could find their own light, could achieve healing for themselves and others.

I really don’t like practicing yoga in a tight space.  You just don’t feel like you have any room to stretch out.  During your practice, you are aware of the person’s on either side, not wanting to intrude on their space.  Instead of feeling pratayhara, (which is withdraw of the senses, the 5th limb of yoga) your consciously aware of not bumping into the person next to you.  This is not good for the practice of yoga.

As many of you know, recently, I cut a small space into the big studio, for coats, and such, a cubbie room.  I briefly thought about turning the big space into 2, so we could have multiple classes going on at once.  As I pondered this decision, an answer came in the most unlikely place.  As I went to church one Saturday, they had the back closed off.  They had removable walls that could either expand or retract.  They were expecting less people for this service, so they have closed half of the church off.  It felt small to me.  Not good, even a tad claustrophobic.  I realized that I could never do that to the studio, it wouldn’t be the same.

There are many of you that feel the same.  It is no coincidence that the commercial about Tamiflu, is portraying an actor living in a tiny house, and he has got the flu.   Living and practicing yoga “small” lowers your vibration, your energy field.  It is time to make a switch, from where you are currently practicing to this studio.  You will go higher than you ever thought.  You will feel better than you thought you could. When you carry a high vibration, your energy Wants to spread out, expand, and bring good vibes to all.  Anahata Yoga is the place for you.

See you on the mat,


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