As of August 1st, Anahata has been open 5 years.  Five years is a magic year for a business.  We are here, and not going anywhere anytime soon.  I had a vision for this space, that came to be what it is now.  I also had a vision for the clients.  I saw all of you in my mind, even before you came.  Anahata is just a space.  Without our special teachers, or our wonderful clients, it would be just that, a space. So THANKS!

Thanks to all my existing clients who followed me from where ever……You were the foundation of Anahata, and you brought your family and friends.

Thanks to all the teachers who have taught here, or will teach in the future.  Your passion and dedication to yoga shines from your heart, and draws clients to you.  Without you, this would not be possible.

Thanks to all my teacher trainees who I’ve had in the past, and will teach in the future.  You put all of your faith in us to teach you yoga, and I hope we did not disappoint.  This has been such a blessing for me, to watch you become beautiful dedicated teachers who change lives.

Thanks to our clients who continue to show up, and make room for a yoga practice in their lives.  You are the driving force behind this studio.  Without you, Anahata would not exist.

From the depths of my heart, Thank you all.  This has been a huge blessing in my life, as I hope it has been for you as well.

See you on the mat,


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