Thriving not Surviving

Before undergoing my yoga teacher training program, I was surviving.  Sure, I thought that I was doing well.  I exercised, ate, and slept well, yet problems would arise in my body.  Well, I just thought that was the price I had to pay to keep working out.  I would regularly get up with shin splints, and  hip pain worked into my body.  I had the occasional nasty colds/flus, that turned into sinus infections.  (didn’t everyone?)   Eventually, I noticed that the only time pain did not creep in was when I was doing yoga everyday.  With practicing yoga everyday, even the colds, flus and viruses went away.

We are All meant to Thrive not just to Survive.  Just like this beautiful spring tree, we are meant to “bloom”, and attract many others to our energy, including bees!  But unlike this tree, we are meant to be blooming all year around!  In the beginning, I thought 1 or 2x a week practicing yoga was enough.  That is not enough if you really want to see and make lasting changes in your energy and body.

If you are like me, and need someone to hold you to this, NOW is the perfect time to work on YOU!  We have a summer intensive teacher training that will dispel any darkness, and let you find a new path through Yoga.  This is how I learned yoga, and I’m so grateful that it came this way.    Click here to see more details!

I look forward to seeing you on your mats!



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