The Zen of upside down

Somebody recently asked me how I was doing….. to which I replied “Awesome!”.  It’s easy/not easy to see how I feel awesome.  My life at home has had it’s fair share of disappointments… is the dirty list…….Husband out of job for 2 plus years.   Water main broke from the house to street.  Big expensive fix.  Stove stopped working.  Washer went kaput.  In fact, everything around me is broken, except my husband.  How do I maintain a steady stream of “awesomeness”?  Well, I’ll tell you how……

I love my job…..when Monday rolls around, I’m excited, not depressed.  Everyday, I get to push people past their conceived limitations; watch as they open up to yoga.  It’s a beautiful gift for sure.  I have all of you to thank for that.  What also makes a smile come easier than most is my love affair of inversions.  I’m so excited that hammock is finally caught on, and people are banging down the door, for their share of happy.  This practice of inversions for me was so scary to begin, and then so wonderful when I caught on.  In fact, being happy is just one of the many reasons I am choosing to invert on a regular basis.  It all starts with downward dog.  Head below the heart.   Read more about inversions here…..

Life is so short.  It’s easy to get caught up in the first paragraph.  Life is what you make of it.  Yoga will help you see the awesomeness of this moment.  I have faith that all will be ironed out shortly.  Life is a series of ups and downs, it’s what you make of it that will help you see the goodness that exists right in this moment.

In peace,




  1. Hi Paula,
    This is Tatiana, remember me? I still receive your emails, and dream about coming to your place. I still need to catch up on business in my life. You are such an inspiration! And your picture – you look beautiful and younger, every time I see you!
    Just wanted to say ‘hello’ and to send lots of love!

  2. hello to you as well!! I’m sure your schedule will open up soon, and we will practice again!!

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