The River overflow

During the winter and spring months, it’s not uncommon for rivers to rise and cause the water to get very brown looking, and muddy, just what happened last week. This is a great analogy to explain how yoga works. All of us are trying to see at the bottom of the river. It’s why we are born. When we start our practice of yoga the water is very muddy. You could say that our very thoughts are the particles of debris that prevent us from seeing the bottom clearly. One could also say that these muddy clumps of debris are diseases, problems, and pain. So, we practice yoga; consistently. For I will tell you, the yoga will not work if you are sporadic in your practice. Before long, with consistent practice, the river begins to clear enough, so we begin to start to see rocks, twigs at the sides, and maybe our face looking back at us. At this time, in our practice we start to see some of the fruit of yoga. We realize that we haven’t been sick with a cold or flu since we started our regular practice. We also may realize that the ache or pain that used to bother us from time to time, has slowly disappeared.
As we practice yet, we begin to see more and more, and maybe even baby glimpses of the bottom of the river. I will tell you this, friends, as you get near the bottom, the water is thicker, and the mud is nastier. You might even get stuck in a nasty section. But through it all, you remain steadfast and consistent with your practice. Your baby glimpses at the bottom become longer, and you begin to realize how #@?&% spectacular you really are. You see yourself clearly, as you really are. You might think that this yoga leads to a big ego trip. Not so, you are just caught near the bottom of some thick nasty mud. Keep practicing, and not only will you see how spectacular you are, but you will also see others equally as awesome as you. You wonder why you didn’t see it before.
Here’s to clear sunny skies ahead, and beautiful clear rivers…..

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