The power of forward folding

The power of forward folding

Ahh, the power of a forward fold becomes transparent when one has practiced this simple asana for many a time.  Each time, and with each practice, simply letting your head reach for your knees has a profound effect on your mental and physical tension in your whole body.  Did you know some of the benefits of uttanasana or intense forward stretch?

  • Reduces depression if practiced regularly
  • cures insomnia and relieves fatigue
  • increases blood flow to the brain, soothing the brain cells and sympathetic nervous system
  • regulates blood pressure
  • relieves migraines and stress-related headaches
  • tones the abdominal organs
  • relieves stomachaches by neutralizing acidity
  • strengthens the stretches the hamstring muscle
  • increases the flexibility of the hip joint
  • strengthens the knee joint and it’s surrounding tissue and muscles

This power asana is in a series called the sun salutes, and because of it’s effectiveness we practice uttanasana many times during the sun salutes.  As a teacher, one thing I encourage my students to do is a forward fold against the wall.  Here the upper back can rest against the wall, with the head supported by blocks.  Holding an asana or posture for 1-3 minutes increases the power, especially because it is so soothing.  Go ahead, and try it, and see what a forward fold can do for you!!

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