The magic of touch


Throughout my career as a yoga teacher, I have learned many things about myself. One such teacher visiting my class last night really opened my eyes up to my “gifts”. He said, “I have taken classes all over the city, and you make the most amazing physical adjustments I’ve ever had.” Another student of mine calls me a “master adjuster”. Yes, more than likely, you will get touched when you come to my class. Being touched in our society has become a taboo. But touching conveys much more than just putting the body into place. Touching each other is a way to connect.
You see? We’re all here to connect. In a yoga class, adjustments are probably the best way to do that. Our mental health and well-being is absolutely dependent on our connection to others, and physical touch is a critical part of that. Anyone who took a Psychology 101 class in college has seen the studies on touch-deprivation, and they’re heartbreaking. Hands-on adjustments, when done skillfully and correctly, can be the most powerful way to develop trust among each other.
Giving each other someone and something to trust can open up their world and grand them the greatest opportunity that yoga has to offer: the ability to surrender. My physical adjustments skill has evolved over many years of learning yoga. There is more to adjusting than just putting someone into place. There needs to be a deep understanding of alignment, anatomy, body mechanics, somatics (emotions), subtle energetic body, and injury prevention.
That boils down to yoga teacher training. More than just teaching you yoga, I offer my teacher trainees the knowledge of how to connect; how to make a difference in your life and others. I fully use my gift to help you uncover your gifts. Come join me for this amazing journey!

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