The Gift

We have just finished up with another group for teacher training.  I can’t help but marvel at their wonderful progress, both on the mat, and off.  What is really truly different is an indescribable twinkle in their eyes, and lightness in their faces.  I can almost see a glowing in their aura.  That is my gift.

All of them had struggles, both personally, and with the teachings of yoga,   but all of them persisted.  That has made this yoga teacher training even more special, their personal transformations.   Now they will take what Diana and I have given them, and teach it to others.  It is how  yoga has survived for thousands of years.

Imagine, you received a gift far more precious than a kings ransom.  This gift was not free, but purchased through personal struggle and growth. This gift changed your life, and how long you will live.  It also changed the lives of the people you live with.  It changed every encounter you had until your death.  This is how yoga works.  Each teacher pours their knowledge into each student, just like a vessel.  Each student they have, they pour a little knowledge into their students, and so it continues.

What gift have you received today?


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