The fountain of Youth

The fountain of Youth

For me, the fountain of youth is aerial hammock yoga.  Hanging upside down, swinging like a monkey, makes me FEEL good, in so many ways.     I always leave lighter than when I come in.  After 6 plus years of regularly hanging upside down here is what I experience…….

  • * Both right and left hemispheres of my brain get balanced.  (this may not seem like a big deal, but that is why we do yoga)  I can tell I’m balanced because my breath flows equally in the left and right nostril, leaving you refreshed, energized, and relaxed.
  •  FACT:  I’ve grown 2 inches taller in the last 6 years.   I’m still growing, while others are shrinking.
  • Aerial reminds me to “Let Go”.  The way the fabric wraps around tight areas of my body shows me mental, physical tension that I HAVE to let go off.  We cannot control our lives, every little second is a beautiful gift to cherish.  This practice reminds me of this fact.
  • I feel so much stronger in my core.  Every practice is a opportunity to grow longer, get stronger, “I’m holding back the hands of time”.
  • Inversions promise with additional blood flow to the face, you will look and feel younger.  Can’t say if that is true, but I always feel great after hammock.
  • Aerial Hammock helps me lighten my mood.  Sometimes, I can let problems weigh me down.  This practice reminds me I am LIGHT!

Don’t believe me?  Just take a look at some additional research, Change your POV, Can hanging upside down improve your health?    

I can say for sure, that my spine loves me back (haha)  when I do it.

Come and try aerial hammock.  Be consistent with the practice.  I promise you too will be saying, “It’s the fountain of youth!”.

See you on the mat, upside down yogi’s,



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