Hot Head

Hot Head

Often when people start a yoga practice they have an agenda.  On their “list” might be, flexibility, strength, lose weight, or to just  keep moving.  Sometimes we don’t have an agenda, we just know we should do yoga.  But yoga is unique in it’s approach, unlike running, or biking.  Unbeknownst to us,  the yoga postures are working at a deeper level, a level on the mind, and how we think.  This fact surprised me.

I have always been a “hot head”, especially in the car.  When other cars pulled out in front of me, I would let them know by honking, cursing, or other choice expletives, that I was “un-pleased” to say the least.  I’m sure driving with me was a pleasure :), but even more unpleasant was when I was a passenger.  And yes, I told my husband how to drive, when to speed up, slow down, turn here, etc.  Luckily, he didn’t throw me out of the car, even when I deserved it.

Well, that all changed with my yoga practice.  I was practicing everyday, and feeling better and better.  Creating playlists for my classes opened up a whole world of bhakti, or yoga chants.  Sometimes, even after class coming home, I would listen to these chants, and try to sing along.  After 6 months of intense yoga practicing and chanting, I believe something inside slowly changed.  One day, I turned to my husband and asked him if he noticed a change.  I felt less “reactive”, less angry, more calm and centered.  It’s good to point out, before yoga training, I ran, biked, worked out at an intense level.  That type of exercise, did not change my behavior, but yoga did.

Now, all of these years later, I’m likely to stop, and let a car get in line ahead of me.  If someone does cut me off, I send up a prayer, that they have a good day, with many blessings.  But those occurrences are becoming few and far between.  What we need to work on or change our behavior, will always show up in our lives, if we really stop and pay attention.  That annoying co-worker?  The car that cut’s us off?  The kid that responds angrily?  Those are all signs that WE need to change.  Thank God there is a way, Yoga.

See you on the mat,


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  1. I noticed the same in myself. I too had a long history of intense workouts before yoga, & it’s interesting, that like you say, none of it calmed my hot-headed-ness. I hadn’t thought about it.

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