The Art of Gratitude

The Art of Gratitude

Many of us give thanks this time of year.  I would like to personally challenge you to cultivate more gratitude, not only this time of year, but everyday.  Why?  It opens your heart to the vast amounts of gifts that you have already been given.  Most of us don’t contemplate the many gifts, and the many forms that come to us for our pleasure to enjoy.  The sad reality is we don’t know these are gifts, until they are gone.  Let me be a reminder……..

  • Hugging each family member as you come and go, like it’s the last time you will see them.
  • Pausing before harsh words are said, they might be the last words you say.
  • Appreciating and loving your body as it is today, while it is still here and available for us to use.
  • The Freedom I have to go where ever I choose, because others have paid my ticket
  • Stepping into a warm house, pausing, and giving thanks for being warm and dry
  • Opening your closet, and look at the wonderful array of cloths that you have
  • pausing as you get into your vehicle;  enjoying the marvel of getting somewhere quickly.
  • With thanksgiving, using the different ways we have to stay connected, internet, phone, computers
  • For the air your breathing on this day.
  • Greeting everyone at work like it’s your first day on the job…..Being grateful that you have work.

Before yoga, often my thoughts have been those of entitlement.  I have felt like I deserve and have a right to people and things.  The truth is, I have no right.  I have no right to breath my next breath, but it is a gift from God, that I’m given.   My loved ones are not “mine”, but have come into my life for me to cherish and enjoy.   This house is not mine, I just have temporary stewardship of it.  This body is not mine, but I’m here to use it for this life, to work out my past karma;  I choose to enjoy it, and take care of it.

Everyday, in big ways and small ways give thanks.  Do your yoga, meditate.  Sing chants of praise on this day, even if you feel sorrow.  For this is your gift; this day.

To all my students; past, present and future, I kneel before you in gratitude.  Thank you for coming!!

See you on the mat,


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