Thanksgiving Buffet

It’s a Thanksgiving Buffet. You have waited all month for this. The smells coming out of the kitchen are drawing you in like a dog that hasn’t eaten in days. Your mouth waters not only for the turkey, but all the wonderful sides that accompany the meal, and all the desserts at the end. You fall in line, waiting for your turn. Someone hands you a plate, and as you go up to dig into those side dishes, they are all closed off. You can’t open the lid, or even take a peek to see if there is a crumb left behind. All that you get is some turkey, and corn. Bummmmmer!
Surprisingly, this is how most of us practice yoga. Through practicing we begin to “smell” what is to come. Through practicing, we begin to feel better than ever. Occasionally, we ponder if there is more to yoga than just these postures. We hear glimpses from our teachers, or read a book that might spark some interest, but we really don’t know what yoga is all about.
My yoga journey began at the gym. I thought I knew yoga. In fact, I thought I was pretty good at it. That is, until I went to a studio, and found a master teacher of yoga. My teacher had been studying yoga for 40 years. She took me to deeper parts of yoga that previously, I had only glimpsed at.
Are you yearning to learn more about this amazing practice? I have 2 ways for you to get the “whole buffet”. The first is through our Yoga 101 program. Yes, it is for people who have been practicing yoga for a while, as well as everyone in between. You won’t be bored. The 2nd opportunity is through our teacher training program. It starts in February of next year, which is rolling up pretty fast. Either way, you will find deeper parts of yoga that you haven’t explored. Trust me, this practice is worth every bit of time, effort and money to learn more. I know, for I have invested all my eggs in one basket, or should I say, bet on my football team before the season got started!!

Practice well my friends,

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