Taking care of Mom

Mother’s Give.  All throughout the year, we take care of our kids, our husbands, our homes, our extended families.  Looking back on previous mothers’s days, especially when my kids were little, I wished I had taken the time to take care of myself.  Looking back, I realize that I might have had more energy, more love, and had displayed more patience.  It was only the birth of my 3rd baby, that I realized I had to make a shift.  No one knew my needs, knew what I needed, except me.  After the 3rd baby, I began to take regular days off; days where I could go to the store, work out, or just do what my body need; replenishment.

From just a state of existing, I began to thrive.  As I balanced out my life, everyone around me began to thrive.  That is how much our energy field affects others.  It’s something that I work on everyday, balancing myself, so I can give MORE to my family, friends, clients.  This is a trickle effect that happens when we make a shift.

Because ALL mothers are special, we have two opportunities to take care of yourself, to balance yourself:

  • On Mother’s day, May 8th, Megan will be giving a FREE class to all mothers at 5:00 p.m.  Urban zen restorative: experience the ultimate in deep rest and relaxation through a layering of relaxation techniques. Gentle movements, restorative yoga poses, body scans, breath practices, aromatherapy and reiki are offered as a respite from effects of chronic stress.
  • May 1st. Hammock Restorative Yoga:  combines the support and comfort of an aerial hammock with restorative yoga poses. The result? A melting away of physical and mental tension and a deeply rested body and mind.  In this class you will float through a series of luxurious supported poses with the aerial hammock positioned about a foot off the floor. Drift quietly for several minutes as the gentle positions facilitate deep release in the physical and energetic body. Classes will end with a 15 minute cocooned savasana where you’ll be gently suspended in air, surrounded by soothing music

To all mothers, young and old, we salute you!!  We support what you do.  Come and balance yourself.


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