Steady Progress

Steady Progress

Often, it’s the little things that we should pay attention to when deciding if the yoga is working for us.  Some noticeable things we might see with a regular yoga practice would be:  a general sense of well being, getting sick less,  feeling “at ease” in your body, diminishing of pain, and a sunny disposition in life.  I will share something that I’ve noticed this weekend.

Our sense of taste comes from the 2nd chakra.  Orange in color, located 2 inches below your navel, it’s responsible for your emotions, hormone balance, creativity, reproductive organs and moods.  I believe this chakra is mostly blocked for most of us, and it takes some yoga, both doing the postures, and meditation to open this.  I’m in menopause, and having no problems; I’m not taking any additional hormones, other than what my body makes naturally –  thanks to my yoga practice.    This in and of itself, is quite different than most women my age.  But what I would like to talk about was my lunch on Saturday afternoon.

It was just a tomato sandwich.  This tomato was picked fresh from the garden that day.  And ohhh, I can’t even begin to describe h0w wonderful it tasted.  Rich in ruby red color, tasting of sunshine and earth this simple tomato had me orgasmic. (yeh, it was that GOOD!)  Completely absorbed in eating this deliciousness sandwich all sense of time, what was happening in the room, vanished.  (yeh, it was even better than you imagine)

The yoga philosophy says this, one of a very good marker in your body changing is the sense of taste.  Your food will taste better than ever before.  It’s not uncommon as we age for our taste buds to diminish, but with the practice of yoga, even the aging of the body can be reversed.

See you on the mat,



  1. Hi Paula,
    This reminds of me Yoga Sutra Chapter 1:, Verse 14
    “Sa tu dirghakala nairantarya satkara asevitah drdhabhumih”

    The yoga abhyasa (practice) gains a solid ground after a steady and devoted effort over a long period of time.

    Thank you for sharing

  2. yes, steady practice over a long period is the way to go. I’ve just noticed some wonderful results just recently!
    Namaste Ramesh,

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