What are some teachers tips to stay motivated to practice yoga?

What keeps me coming back and back is simply Freedom.  Freedom from injuries, freedom to do whatever sport I choose, freedom from old age.  This practice makes me feel young.  Swinging from a hammock, upside down makes me feel like a kid again.  What keeps me motivated is the way I feel……Free.  Another big motivator is my students.  Everytime they come, they bring IT.  They keep me on my toes, constantly exploring different ways of practicing and teaching.

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“Yoga is my re-boot.  When life feels hectic and non-stop I go to my mat.  I take all of my thoughts, feelings, aches and pains with me and work it out. I breathe and move until something shifts and my mind and body feel steady again.  When life feels free and easy I go to my mat.  I still take my thoughts, feelings and whatever sensations are with me, and I practice until I feel a shift to a higher, calmer place.

I have been doing this for 27 years.  It took me many years of practicing on and off to understand the importance of keeping it regular, and just showing up and doing what I can.  The thing I love about yoga is that it can be whatever I want or need it to be for me.  Whether it’s high spirited and energetic, or slow and introspective, I always feel a renewed sense of myself with my practice.

Having the privilege to teach, I get to see and feel this transformative shift in others.  I get to see people growing stronger and steadier in body, mind and spirit.  They may not even realize their progress, but I see it everyday, and that is why I “keep on keeping on…”

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I am motivated to hit the mat every day because it is the best source for health and happiness. Physical practice first brought me to yoga, but now I find I have a deep curiosity for ongoing study and exploration of all aspects of the practice. It is this ongoing curiosity and exploration that gives me a deeper appreciation and motivation to keep coming back for more.

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Why I come to my mat……

Being on my mat reminds me that it is important to take time for me - physically and mentally.

Being on my mat reminds me to focus on here and now.

Being on my mat makes me grateful for my body and the ability to move about in the world.

Even more important is the fact that when I am on my mat practicing yoga, I try to call to mind that it is just that - a practice….. We don’t start out knowing exactly how to do something - we practice. We listen, we learn, we explore, we try, we give ourselves a break when we don’t accomplish what we want, we celebrate our accomplishment when we achieve something we have not done before. We practice that fine line between effort and ease. All of these are lessons I take with me out into the world….. breathe, be present, be well intentioned, don’t give up - show up.

And that is exactly why I keep showing up! Namaste.

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What brings me to the mat is exploration— exploring how I am feeling today.When we explore in yoga we can find ways of more fully connecting with our bodies and inner selves and thus learn a wealth of information.My intention has always been to have a whole body experience. I love connecting to myself and to others—through yoga, and finding a sense of community of like minded yoga enthusiasts. Seeing the yogis inner and outer growth over a period of time is especially rewarding and motivating.


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What keeps me motivated (to ……fill-in the blank)?

Because I can….seems like on overly simplistic answer to the question. But the pure reality is that life is a series of DECISIONS. I choose to be on my mat.…free-will. We are all blessed with free-will/choice.  In the stark reality of being a “forever” cardiac patient, my physician offered this advice. You can do anything, just LISTEN to your body when you get up each day and DECIDE. So here’s the thing, to LISTEN, you have to BE PRESENT and SILENT…….yep, you have to take that PAUSE. 

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

In this decade of life, the power of the PAUSE is unrelentingly revealing.

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I love the way my mind gets quiet at the beginning and end of each practice. I’d like to be detached enough to say that just carving out that mental space keeps me coming back, but I also love how my body has grown and strengthened since I started a regular practice. I also appreciate how there is a big, wide world of yoga to explore. The mix of fundamentals and the endless variations keep my practice fresh and fun.

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