Spiritual Evolution

When you start yoga lessons, your primary concern is yourself.  I want to become more flexible.  I want to be stronger, I want to get rid of this pain, etc.  Eventually, as you begin to practice, steadily, and without gaps of time off, the body responds.  You become flexible, stronger, and slowly that pain you had just decides to walk out the door.  But, unbeknownst to you, the yoga is working on a deeper level than just YOU.

As you begin to change, others in your life change also.  You begin to attract people into your life who are helpers, who lift you up, support you on your journey.  Your kids become more cooperative, work becomes less stressful.  Your experience of living just becomes more pleasant.  I have seen this in my life, and the lives of my students.  With this practice that is primarily self centered, you start to concern yourself MORE with others well being.  As you yourself step into a more vibrant way of health, your focus becomes that of others health.  As the yoga brings a quiet sense of contentment and peace, you want others to experience this way of peace.  Your focus shifts from yourself to a world view.  Maybe at this point, you become a teacher.  Everyday, when I stand up in front of class and teach, my focus is that of my students.  I’ve adapted the principle, “If I can make others happy, healthy, peaceful, than I will experience health.  But, it all comes down to practice.  I have to keep up my practice.  I have to show up and practice myself for this principle to take hold.

I’m not saying that this yoga practice is a bowl full of cherries.  There will be pits, bumps, stops and gasps.  It’s all part of our spiritual evolution.  Changes in us, bring about changes in others.  Sometimes, I get a call from someone who wants their ______ (child, parent, husband, wife) to practice yoga.  So, they send them to yoga, but often it doesn’t work because the yoga has to start with you.  If you want to change others, you must change yourself first.  When I started practicing yoga my husband laughed.  He was a marathoner, and yoga just wasn’t for him.  I kept on practicing, and guessed who changed? We both did, and now he practices with me.  🙂

See you on the mat,


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