Silver Lining

Can you feel this shift?  Things are starting to make sense the more time unravels this pandemic.  I’m sure you are thinking, this is horrible, this is unfair, and so incredibly sad that many are losing their lives, and you are right.  We will never be the same.  But out of every horrible situation there is a silver lining that brings beautiful new ways of doing;  a double rainbow after the torrential downpour and tornedos. 

Some of you are already experiencing this.  More compassion for everyone, neighbors and friends checking up on the shut ins in new ways.  This is so good, and a great balm that will come and heal us from the pain we are experiencing now.  Like you, I’ve worked.  I’ve taught yoga the best way I know how, and what I’m seeing now is so beautiful.  Teachers stepping up

And leading you virtually.  Words cannot express how wonderful it is to see this yoga community come together;   it reminds us that we are all connected, and we need that connection, like a plant needs water to grow.  Teachers need students, students need teachers…I personally have marveled at our staff, dang, they are great yoga teachers!!!  I want to thank each and every person for keeping their membership active, and literally keeping our virtual doors open.  I promise, I will find some way to make it up to you.  Words cannot express the gratitude that is flowing from my heart……

The silver lining yet brings more silver.  As the days grow into spring and summer, you too, will be growing in new ways.  I think this new shift will change us all.  Maybe this will spur you to go for that job you’ve dreamed of, go after that new relationship, start a yoga practice, or even try a different yoga or movement that is unknown.   Maybe you find a new way of practicing compassion towards others, or volunteering in a way that is meaningful for you.  

This shift reminds me of the ways I resist change.    My husband and I stayed in our house, raised kids, for over 20 some years.  I did not really want to move.  We gave that decision to our youngest kid, and he said, “lets move now”.  Guess what?  Great decision, for we love it here in Cinci.  The same resistance I felt in becoming a yoga teacher.  When I thought of standing up in front of people and teaching anything I quaked in my boots.  Yet here I am!  This “resistance” in us runs deep, for most of us, including me, don’t really want change.  Change is hard, we want things to stay the same.  Some of you over the years have suggested virtual classes, and I’ve been reluctant, yet here I am, teaching you yoga online.  Universe.  I get the message.  Understood. 

Many studies have been done on millennials, what kinds of traits do they carry, that help them live long lives.  Most lists quote a similar statement, “Millennials are willing to change and adapt to new ways”.  Often, difficult times bring an abundance of knowledge.  I invite you find some quiet.  Sit in peace. Enjoy the non-doing, and just be contented with yourself.  Eventually, your soul will whisper quiet yearnings in your heart.  Listen to those, for that is where your change begins.  

From my heart,  Paula

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