Set Free

Set Free

At the very root of our yoga practice, on and off the mat, we are seeking Moksha.  The Sanskrit word “Moksha” means to set free, let go, liberate.  Think of a horse being free of a harness;  as soon as everything is off the horse, they go into the pasture, roll, and shake their skin.  In part, that is why we feel so good after practicing yoga;  our burdens have lifted, we feel light.

However, the lines of yoga practice and philosophy have been “blurred” by consumerism.  In an effort to keep afloat, yoga studios across the country, and even in our back yard have events mixing alcohol  and yoga.  In fact, when I googled “yoga and”, the word wine was 5th down from the top.  Shape magazine calls it “pretty much, the best thing ever”.

Except it is NOT.   If we are that stressed out, there is a deeper problem underneath.  Some yogi’s say that underneath our anxiety issues is layers of sadness and grief.  In our yoga teacher training program it is described as such…….

Friends go out, relax, laugh, after a week of work.  Somebody suggests a round of drinks, and nobody wants to be “left out”, so everyone drinks.  One of those persons, has  layers of grief, held in their body.  The alcohol feeds that grief, and temporarily numbs feelings or sensations.  In other words, you forget about that grief.  It’s so good to shed layers, or forget about that grief, so much so, that they go back for more.  In fact, they have such a good time, they go back again, even when their friends are not available, and thus the cycle of addiction begins.  This big black hole of grief inside us won’t stop at alcohol, next it will want something more powerful, such as drugs.  A downward spiral begins in that persons life.

I have had such experience with this in my family.  It’s terrible to see this downward spiral in someones life, especially when it’s a loved one.  That is why I’m so passionate about teaching the yoga philosophy in the way it was stated.  That is why our yoga teacher training program changes lives.  It’s not easy, but change rarely is.  I can promise you this…..Everything you do, has an impact on others.  Every word, every action, every thought.  Lets work together to rid our communities, families, and friends of addiction;  through yoga.  We are all connected.  If I was facing a group of 10 people who came to me for yoga teacher training, I want to make sure that I tell the philosophy how it really is.  There might be 1 person who would have a problem down the road, when something bad happens in their life, and they would remember how yoga works, and not drink.  The yoga philosophy can save your life, literally, and I do my best to remember that when I teach it.

It just takes 1 person stepping on their mat to make a change in other’s lives;  Be that person.


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