Serving up Grace

I had the very best grandparents.  They took us everywhere, loved us completely, and overlooked our flaws.  I hardly remember words spoken from the past, but I do remember the words my grandmother proclaimed over me, as one day she was combing my hair.  “You are going to be a nurse.” Even at the tender age of 5, disbelief came over me.  That was farthest from my mind then, but, upon reflecting, it’s quite true.  I absolutely love yoga, and it brings me great joy to help others with this practice of yoga.  People come to me looking for a better quality of life.  I guess that is quite like a nurse, but not in the traditional sense.  Over the years, many people have thanked me for teaching them, but I say, the opposite is true.  It is truly an honor and a gift that you come to the studio.  It fills me up to serve you, and help you on your journey.

Do you want to be filled up?  Serve.  Serve to the best of your ability.  Do your job to the very best of your ability.  Go out of your way to serve others.  Being in service to others brings a grace to your life.

In Thanks Giving to you all,                                                                                                                                                                                                                      From my heart to yours, Thank you!!



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