Secrets of Yoga

If you asked me what are 3 important yoga tips to amplify my practice to bring good health to my body, here’s what I would say:

Tip #1  practice yoga everyday.  Even 15 minutes of yoga done on a daily basis can boost your energy and increase happiness.   This is quite a mountain to climb.  For me to overcome this obstacle, I had to enroll in yoga teacher training.  That established my practice.  We are talking about your health here.  You cannot serve others when you are sick yourself.  Remember, yoga brings on ease, and removes dis-ease.

Tip #2  Doing kind things for others.  This is what a lot of us do on a daily basis, helping others.  But to make this a strong seed of health in ourselves, as we are doing this kind deed, we are simply thinking about how helping others will bring them happiness.  This is a crucial step in yoga;  thinking very focused, as we are doing this kind deed.

Tip #3  Deep breathing.  Taking 5 minutes a day to deep breath can dramatically change our stress levels, and bring good health.  It also teaches us to hit the pause button, before we get angry at that other driver, or say something we might regret later to our spouse.

All of these have been documented by research.  Perfect health is within our reach.  Living a good long life is also within our reach.  We need to take the steps to make that happen, on a daily basis.  Follow links above in red to get more details on living large and in charge!

See you on the mat,



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