Secret Confessions of a 105 year old


Happy Birthday Me!

Hello Y’all, today is my Birthday, and for those of you who don’t know me, my name is Sparky.  Since I’m turning 105 this year, I thought I would share with you some tips to live a long healthy life.

  1.   Get your exercise.  Today, I walked 3 miles, and took a refreshing dip in the river.  It’s how I keep myself slim.
  2.   Practice Gratitude.  I’ve perfected the smile and wag your tail for food.  Hey, a little nod or lick of the hand works just as well.
  3.   Do your yoga.  I have practiced everyday for my whole life.  Get out of bed, stretch into an upward dog (my favorite) or downward dog.  It feels  great, and keeps me limber.  Most people don’t even know I’m this old.  It’s the yoga.
  4.   Let the little things go.  Recently, a 4 year old male came to live with me.  Even though I’ve been the head huncho around here, it’s time to pass the reins.  I let him go outside first,  “hey, whatever floats his boat”.  You just have to let things go, and find peace within.
  5.   Get your nap time.  Hey, savasana is a priority.  I never miss that!!

Well, there it is, my 5 tips for living a long happy, healthy life.  Surround yourself with people and dogs like this, and you’ll do just fine.  (And just to keep your owner happy, don’t go a’rolling……You might think you smell FABULOUS, but, trust me, your owner doesn’t.)


See you on your mat,

Sparky, and owner, Paula  (I’m not sure who owns who??)

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  1. Sweet article. I truly enjoyed.

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