Resolution or Intention?

Around this time of year, some people make resolutions to better their life.  But a word that I like better than resolutions is “intentions”.   The word resolution means a firm decision to do or not do something.  The word intention means to aim, or plan.  I think most of us just need a plan.  A plan of action moves us forward.   We have a blueprint to follow, that allows for success instead of firm decisions of doing or not.

Over the years I had plenty of opportunities to help people develop “plans”.  People come to yoga for a variety of reasons, some of them quite serious.  Being in the place I’m in as a yoga teacher and therapist, people ask for advice.  This is something I take very seriously.  I’ve spent years learning my trade and practicing it on myself and others.  I’m quite good at it, not tooting my horn.  When people follow what I say, nothing short of miracles happen.  Pains that they’ve had for years slowly melt away.  They stand taller, and just have a natural confidence that is comfortable being around.  It is not just me, it’s this place I’ve created,  Anahata Yoga Center.

You see, way back when I started dreaming of this center, I dreamed big.  I dreamed of you.  I saw each one of you, thriving.    I saw happy times, abundance. I saw you understanding yoga, I mean really understanding what it is and how to live it.   I saw miracles happen.  I made that my INTENTION.  In fact, that intention is stated under the desk, working it’s magic everyday.  It’s also in the yoga studio in the form of a small picture of my sister.  Those intentions are what makes this place special.

So, what’s your intention for this year?  Do you have a plan?  Well…..we can help.  That’s just what we do.  And we LOVE it.

Let us begin the journey,


In the darkness, we all seek light.  Doing good for ourselves and others brings in the light.

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