Removing the splinter

Removing the splinter

Patanjali, (writer of the yoga sutras:  explains how yoga works) says the reason we practice yoga is to remove ignorance. At your very essence, you are light, love.  But if we are light, how is it the body gets old, sick?  Patanjali says we are ignorant of the Truth.  We actually don’t see things as they really are.  They describe it as such:  think of yourself as 2 parts, the non self and the self.  The self is your light, it never changes;  it’s your spirit, your soul.  The non self is your physical body.  Nothing can destroy the light, the self, and once we fully realize this, there is no reason to even practice yoga.

Our bodies are changing every second.  Yet, we take the body to be our self; and speaking in terms of it, we say, “I am hungry” or “I am sick”, or black or white, etc.  These are all just conditions and qualities of the body.  We touch the truth when we say, “My body aches”, instead of “I ache.”

It is easier to view it as such.  Every new vehicle now comes with a computer, but the engine actually drives the car, the brakes stop the car, etc.  Think of your car computer as your mind, the all the rest of the car as your body.   The reason to practice yoga is to keep your car running, as long as you can, as in good shape as you can.  Everyone knows when you ignore your car, problems arise.  Your keep your car running well, so you can help other people keep their car running well.

Sacrifice is the law of life.  When your mind is free from personal interest we do our work well and feel joyful.  Our lives become meaningful.  Everything lives for the sake of others.  Why does a candle burn?  To give light.  Why does a tree grow?  To give fruit and flowers.  We are here to give and give and give.  What is due to us will come without our worrying about it.  One might wonder, if I’m here to give, how can I clothe myself or have a house of my own?  You can have all these things to equip yourself to serve others.  You must have a bed to be refreshed, you must have food to have energy to serve.

Practice yoga to remove your “splinter” of ignorance.  Practice yoga to be strong, healthy, so you can serve others.  Keep your “car” running well to serve others.  You will lead a joyful, healthy life.

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