Releasing Fear

Releasing Fear

One of the biggest benefits of a regular yoga practice is the ability to feel and let emotions move out of the body.  Very often we are busy, and don’t want to “feel” and so we stuff those emotions down inside of us.  Overtime, this is detrimental to the body, as these areas become weakened or tight with tension, lowering our vibration, eventually causing “disease”.  A yoga practice helps move things through, restoring the body to balance, in the muscles, organs and tissues.

After many many years of stuffing down my emotions, my yoga practice shifted things in my body.  Now, when I feel an emotion, such as a big surprise, I feel ripples of energy moving down my body, releasing the “surprise”.  Some emotions are definitely, “hard wired”, in their resistance to release, or the very grip they have on our lives.  Take fear.  Fear has a way of being stored in the upper body, shoulders and neck area.  Check out this interesting atlas of the human body where scientists recorded where different emotions are stored in the body.

Lets take a look at whip lash.  Your sitting at a traffic light, and unknowingly to you, someone rear ends you.  This throws the head forward, until the seat belt catches.  Sometimes, after many months of chiropractor visits, your neck pain still persists.  I talked to such a client yesterday, where this exact thing happened.  She is amazed with aerial hammock yoga, because, she feels better than doing anything else she has done previously.  Aerial hammock lets the spine lengthen away the tight areas, and overtime, you will keep this new length.  In my classes, I teach a posture where we “hang’ our head from the hammock, and let the fabric gently lengthen the neck.  This is similar to the way a mother cub teaches her baby to relax, by grabbing it from the neck muscles.  I’ve had people have outer body experiences from this technique, it releases so much energy.  For me, it brings forth such a wellness, and deep relaxation response, it brings me to my knees.

Another way to release stuck emotions is with dance.  Yes, it’s time to get your yoga and drumming on, this Friday.  No dancing experience necessary!  We’ll do a groovy yoga practice accompanied by live drums to set us free, and celebrate summer solstice.  The hardest part?  Getting here!  Don’t miss this exciting event!!

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