Exceptional Yoga Classes to fit everyone’s needs!

Unlimited All Access Membership

This membership will auto renew every 30 days at the same time each month for $69.  Includes all Classes.




Unlimited Hot and Yoga Membership

Enjoy 30 days of unlimited yoga and hot infrared yoga (hammock excluded)  This will auto renew on the same day each month.




Unlimited Yoga Membership

This membership pays for all yoga classes (hot and aerial excluded) and will auto renew same time each month.




Drop in Aerial Hammock Class

Check our schedule to fit your needs and abilities.  This pays for 1 hammock class. See below.




Drop in Hot Infrared Yoga Class

This pays for 1 hot infrared yoga class.  Get ready to release and sweat it out.




Drop in Yoga Class

Just pay and settle down on your mat for a blissful experience.  Pays for 1 yoga class.



Memberships: The monthly rate of $49.00, $59.00 and $69.00 is a membership where your CC or ACH debit will be charged on a monthly basis, same date every month, until you no longer wish to be a member.  When starting or rejoining  a membership a one time registration fee of $45.00 will be charged when you sign up.  This registration fee will also charge when you cancel your membership, and then wish to rejoin.  Please ask how we can set up payments directly from your checking account.   Just give us a courtesy of 3 days before your next payment hits to cancel your membership, or do so through your account with Mindbody software.   To cancel your ongoing membership, please write us an e-mail at:   yogacincy@gmail.com  Members get FIRST priority into all classes, including hammock classes.

Family and Kids Yoga/Memberships:  for just $15.00 extra a month, your family member can be added to your membership, allow them to attend the same class that you do.  for an extra $30.00 per month the WHOLE family can join. (same household)   Must be charged on one account.  Kids wishing to attend either family yoga or kids yoga club can do so for a discounted $10.00 per class.

Age Restrictions:  You must be 12 years or older to attend yoga classes, and 12 and up for hammock classes.  Clients under 18 need to have a parent/guardian sign their waiver liability on their first visit.

Make your experience enjoyable:  Because of our economical pricing, exceptional teachers, and peaceful environment, please assure your spot in the studio by pre-booking into the classes of your choosing.  Similarly, if you cannot attend your booked class, please remove yourself from that class.  You can use your computer, register and login in, create a user name and password.  This process is also easily done using our  own Anahata Yoga Center app.  Search for Anahata using google play or IOS devices.  Call 513-204-5657 if you have any questions.






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