Playing your strongest card

Playing your strongest card

I’m sure you have seen a recent video gone viral with the High school students and the protester Native American.  Even in my facebook feed friends are upset, dismayed at the teens behavior.  But lets take a closer look with regards to yoga philosophy.  “That what you see outside exists inside.”

I have no comment on the video, only a window opens up to look at my behavior.  I have felt feelings in the past similar to the Native Americans.  Once in our old house, our garage got broken into and tools were stolen.  Even though that happened in the garage, I felt violated, not safe in my house.  It took some time to get over that.  I can only imagine the fight of Native American’s as their land was stolen, they were shot, relocated without any dignity.  Let me say, in no way does this compare to what they went through.  I can only imagine what they had felt like.

I can also emphasize with the plight of a teen now-a-days.  It’s hard to fit in, and be liked, and I’m sure when I was in my teens I was a little snot.  This does not excuse their behavior, I can only “feel” their peer pressure to be liked.  I’m not saying every teen is like that, but I’m sure if you have visited your past, that in sometime, you have acted inappropriately.

You see, empathy is our strongest card with regards to yoga.  When we can “feel” others feelings, we are practicing yoga.  This takes us out of reacting in anger or another strong emotion against someone else, or saying something we regret later.

Yoga works for the people in the grey.  People who see in “black and white” have seeds that only allow them to see either black or white.  For me, I would question what really did happen in the video.  I cannot comment on that, because I was not there.  I did not experience what happened.  Today we are quick to judge. But when we practice yoga, and open our heart, we begin to see “all sides” of a situation.  We take a hard look at ourselves.  We must, if we continue with yoga.  True compassion and empathy opens the heart to love.  When we can love everyone, we are practicing yoga.

See you on the mat,


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