Planting good seeds

kindI don’t like drama.  So, you can imagine how I feel about the election.  I’m over it, already……is it done yet?  Which is why none of my social media posts have been about the candidates.  I’ve adopted the rule of moms, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”.  However, guru’s and moms know best.  They knew how to plant good seeds.  Any actions, thought, word or deed is recorded in our body.  A bad action or thought will have us seeing an equal bad thought come back to us.  And likewise, a good thought or action will have a good action coming back to us.  Which is why I’ve chosen to be silent.

But wait.  Yoga Philosophy is very clear about this point regarding democracy.  So, for instance, if we are tired of all the drama, and decide not to vote but somebody gets voted into office with ideas that are not for everyone’s good; it’s like we have planted a bad seed.   The yoga sutras (threads of knowledge) tell us, it’s as if we have voted for that person by choosing NOT to take any action with the election.  In other words, we need to carefully weigh decisions, and see who would make a better president, and vote for him or her.  If we don’t like the process, or anything that candidate stands for, we need to voice our concerns, or try to change the system.

I used to be the person, who didn’t take any action, but complained about the outcome.  Complaining just plants more bad seeds, for us to see more complaining in the future.  If we want to live in this body for a long time, be healthy, be a positive source for others, we need to plant good seeds.  Lots and lots of wonderful BIG seeds!!    Which is why I’ve also said, if you don’t like what is going on around you, change yourself.  I don’t know of any stronger way of changing your thoughts than doing teacher training.  If I hadn’t taken teacher training, I would still be that person who didn’t take any action, yet complain about the outcome.  Which is why you will see a different media post by me.  I will take a stance, and profess my candidate.  I will do my best to plant good seeds, and not trash talk the other candidate.

The last question of the debate was made by this guy who asked what he/she liked about their running mate.  His name?  Kenneth Bone.  Now he is the “hero” of the debate.  The true winner.  They mentioned on the news this morning, that people were dressing like him for Halloween.  That point is not lost on me.  It’s just like mom said, “Be nice!”.  Mom (and guru’s) knew how to plant good seeds.

See you on the mat,



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