Peace on Earth

“Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.” Wayne Dyer



Peace on Earth really does begin with you.  When you listen to this song, it’s easy to think of wishing peace in the Middle East, or some far off place that is a war zone.  The yoga philosophy tells us that our world is directly shaped by the things we do, how we talk and go about our day.  Our “peace” is attainable when we extend good will as we go about our day.  As you shop, drive around, interact with family our “peace” is tested again and again.  How quickly can we forgive and move on after someone slights us?  The good news is that a yoga practice helps you find peace and forgiveness in your heart, even when you don’t feel that way when you first step on your mat.  I have witnessed this over and over again in my own life.  Here are some ways for you to plant good seeds and see and feel the peace you want to experience this holiday season.

  • Let others in cars go before you, especially when you are in a hurry or are late.
  • Pay for someone else groceries, it’s even better if you set it up so they don’t know who did it.
  • Visit a nursing home, and bring gifts, spend time listening.
  • Do something unexpected for someone else.
  • Really watch what comes out of your mouth;  keep unwelcome words to yourself.
  • Step up and be the first to apologize, call a loved one and reconcile
  • Offer a kind word of encouragement to someone who needs it
  • A homemade card or gift shows you cared enough to spend time to make it;  our time is precious.
  • Expect nothing in return;  nothing for Christmas, nothing for a birthday or anniversary.

The little things we do today add up to make our future brighter and happier.  Our yoga practice helps us clear our mind when it wants to hang onto those bad feelings.   It really is the little things we do and say that turn our life around into something beautiful.  For even in our darkest day’s, it really is a Wonderful life.

From all of us at Anahata, we wish you the very best of the season, and hope that peace reigns in your household and life.

See you on the mat,



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