As a kid, a birthday celebration, an exciting trip to an amusement park or a new vacation would fill me up with excitement the days preceding the event. You thought about what you were going to do when you got there, and just getting ready to go filled your days with purposeful action. Now, all these years later, I find the same excitement in me as I approach a new group for yoga teacher training. It’s finding your purpose in life that fills us up to the brim.

I get that same feeling every time I teach. I literally get so pumped and excited to see when the dawn of understanding enters my clients. It’s a natural high, that doesn’t wear off. This “natural high” fuels my hormones and gives me energy for what I what to accomplish. How many of us are on pills to establish the body’s hormone and energy balance? You just need to find your passion.

Here’s how yoga helps to find your own passion. Doing this practice actually helps you figure yourself out. It uncovers new abilities and hidden talents you haven’t accessed. It opens your brain to new possibilities. At the end of class, when all is quiet, it will put a thought of action on how to find your passion. This is the very special gift of yoga.

As for Me? This past week on the news there was a story of a man celebrating his 105th birthday. When the reporter asked what keeps him so young and purposeful, he answered, “I can’t wait to go into work today. (He was a barber) “I just love to cut hair. I love helping people look their best.” In case you are wondering……his hands? Steady as rocks…. Well said man!! That is my same thoughts. I just love yoga. I love helping people look and feel their best.
See you on the mat,

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