Open your heart

All of us know too well, how our body feels when emotions are high.  Frustration, anger, saddness, or bitter feelings literally feel like we’ve swallowed a whole grapefruit in our stomach.  Emery emotion we feel, (unless processed, and released) tends to trap somewhere in our body.  These emotions are meant for us to move through them…  you feel some saddness, and then find something to counter that emotion, or do an action.  Say, you feel sad when that commercial comes on about the pets in shelters, needing homes.  You feel compelled to act, that is, donate to that cause to help animals.

This is why we are meant to experience emotions, they can actually be a good thing, when we move through them.  However, most of us are unaware of the emotions that come up on a daily basis.  We don’t take the time to process them, and instead store them in the body, and overtime, they become toxic.  This used to happen to me…..When these emotions came up, I went on a rampage of cleaning.  Nothing was spared.  Cloths were donated, furniture was moved…..and yes, it was mayhem….

However, if I keep my heart open with the practice of backbends, these emotions do not become stored, but release through the heart.  The yogi’s believed the heart was the emotional brain.  That is why backbends feel so amazing to some of us.  They free us from the emotional chains that bound us to earth.

Did you know what “Anahata” means?  It is your heart Chakra.  You have 7 major chakras that govern all bodily systems.  When you open your heart, you cleanse your body.  Your posture is straighter, and your step is light.  Your smile is infectious.  Your joy spreads.  Learn to open your heart chakra at Anahata.  You’ll be glad you did.

From my heart to yours,


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