Old Dog, New Tricks

When your body is flexible, so is your mind….Take Sparky, our 15 year old dog.  As I have mentioned in previous blogs, Sparky does her yoga everyday.  Down dog, Up dog, and even side twists;  you know to keep yourself clean.   We decided that Sparky should have the benefit of her choosing when she would like to go outside.  Thus, we purchased a doggie door.

During installation, Sparky watched, and I think? couldn’t wait to try it out.  After showing her how it worked, she wasted no time in becoming familiar with going in and out.  She loves it.  And, Chico (the less flexible male) followed in Sparky’s fashion, and is also bounding in and out in his leisure.

If you keep your body flexible as you get older, your mind opens up to creative solutions, different ways of critical thinking, and problem solving.  Things I’m sure you would agree you need as you age.  Yoga postures have a dramatic effect on the nervous system and how the brain functions.  As you do the yoga, overtime your nervous system becomes balanced.   You make a shift in staying in the parasympathetic nervous system, most of the time, with exception of exercising or working out.  Some of us (including myself) were so stressed out before a yoga practice, that we actually stay in the sympathetic nervous system, which is your fight or flight mode.  This makes us susceptible to colds, viruses, and other diseases.

However, as well as balancing the nervous system, yoga also strengthens it, so it functions properly.  Overly flexible people are not in a balanced state.  Yoga postures bring flexibility, as well as strength to the body.  It must be equal for optimal functioning of all the body’s systems.

So, go ahead.  Try new classes you’ve never been to before.  All of our teachers will encourage you to rest, when strain is visible.  A balanced yogi can do ALL classes, ALL things become possible with the practice of yoga.  Sparky will attest to that!

See you on the mat,


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