No limits

Good things come to those who practice.  This is something you will begin to understand after doing yoga for a time.  I would not change my body, nor go back in a younger body if I could, because now at 50, I feel so awesome.  In fact, the more yoga I do, the more “awesome” I feel.  Life has a way of catching up with our habits, and before we know it, we are in a body that doesn’t feel so awesome.  Maybe it’s just an occasional cold, or an achy body part that lets itself be known.  When you take care of your body, you can forget about it.  This is true freedom.

In fact, the more I “dig” out the tension in my body using yoga, the more freedom I experience.  What is freedom?  It’s emotional stability.  It’s a choice of doing whatever activity I choose, not my body choosing for me.  It’s mental stability that gives me the confidence to try whatever I wish to do.  The beauty of yoga is that it accepts you at any age.  I have seen this.  You have to be persistent.  You have to apply yourself, and find a teacher who you can trust, will guide your body into opening at the stage the body is in.  Yesterday, I saw an older client do a pretty tough back bend.  She has been coming to me for practice over 3 years, and I have personally seen her transformation in that time.  That makes teaching so worthwhile.

Tuesday, I left the studio so high that nothing could pull me down.  The reason?  When you feel this freedom, you just have to share it with others.  You encourage others to find it as well.  Clients on Tuesday pushed past limitations, and hung upside down.  Sometimes, it’s not easy, or pretty.  There was sweat, a little fear and trepidation about doing something so completely out of their comfort zone.   Still don’t believe me?  Check out this video by Patricia Walden on her 60th Birthday.  Then you will believe the limits come from your mind, and not your body…

See you on the mat,


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