STRENGTH                       CLARITY                          PURPOSE                         RESET                        REJUVENATE



Come and join Anahata’s  tribe for a New Years Challenge that will reset your body, mind and spirit.  Challenge yourself to learn new skills that will last a lifetime.  Compete with others and get to as many classes as you can from January 1st to January 31st.  


The person who attends the most classes in that time frame will receive a free full year unlimited All Access Pass.


Everyone wins and starts the new year happy, healthy, and with a sense of clarity that can only come from the practices of yoga and meditation.  All participants will receive a free tee shirt for competing.  Participants who are current members with a monthly membership will have the January auto pay set to 0.   You will still have unlimited membership to the classes you enjoy now, and if you do the challenge, will have full access to ALL of Anahata’s classes for the month of January 2020.  




New Year's Challenge

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