Never Stop

Never Stop

One of the very best reasons for taking yoga teacher training is learning to adapt yoga for many circumstances.  You might not think that is important, but it has saved me over and over again.

On Sunday of this past week I laid down my motorcycle.  A big pause for those of us who ride.  For those of you who don’t ride bikes, aka, my bike slid on the pavement, and down I went with it.  Fortunately, I was pulling out of a parking lot, and not going terrible fast, but it still scared the crap out of me.  Slightly wet pavement, combined with a steep turn, and slightly worn tires is 3 strikes, and I”m out.  I fell on my lower arm, ripped my pants, but was mostly shaken up.  Luckily, someone helped me get my bike upright, and I rode home.

Recently, I posted on facebook about an article I found online, that described where you hid emotions in your body.  We are too good at playing mascarade and hiding our feelings, or using substances to block how we feel,  Our yoga practice uncovers these hidden and stuck emotions and releases them.

“Emotions are physical experiences. We flush our bodies of everything, and regularly so. We defecate, we sweat, we cry, we literally shed our entire skin once a month. Feelings are no different, they are experiences that must likewise be released.

Emotions, when not felt, become embodied. They become literally stuck in your body. This is because they have something called a motor component, which means that the minute they begin — before you can suppress or ignore them—they create a micro-muscular activation. Our bodies respond instantaneously.”

So, so many of us complain of tight shoulders and neck areas.  This is where fear is felt, and we literally try to hunch our shoulders forward, and protect our back, just like a turtle.  So the next day, I could barely move and my head was pounding.  Worse, because I never need it, we have no Tylenol, aspirin or anything such as a pain reliever in the house.  Every muscle in the body, and especially up in shoulders/neck area was tense, like a walking zombie.  My head was pounding, one of the worst headaches I can ever remember.   Even though the thought of yoga was painful, I knew something.  Yoga Practice makes you feel better.

I started in supported Childs pose, listening to my breath, unwinding the tension and pain riding in my body.  My yoga practice that day was soft, full of breath, and gentle movements, and one hang in the hammock, to get rid of the headache.  I tell you, yoga practice is  better than any over the counter, or prescription medicine that you can buy.   The next day, when bruising came I was pleasantly surprised that I felt pretty good, despite my tumble.  The picture is some of the bruising I can show, and I usually don’t bruise easily.

Yea, Yoga.  You should try it.  You should keep on doing it.  Yes, Even when you have a headache, or slid off your bike.  It works.  Every time.

See you on the mat,



  1. Thank goodness you did not get injured worse. A wake-up: get new tires! & yea to you for turning to yoga. Great story.

  2. Thanks Elizabeth, lucky indeed!! Namaste, Paula

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