Moving forward

Part of stepping into a perfect health is challenging yourself. As we grow older we challenge ourselves less and less, loosing our “zeal” for life.  When you try something new, or put yourself out there, your senses come alive.  Your body “hums” with excitement, as it prepares to learn something new. My friend was just in such a spot.  She called, full of enthusiasm of a new project looming on the horizon.  As she gathered more information, she paused.  After contemplation, she called and said she wasn’t moving   forward.  I wished she could have heard her voice and vibration before, and after decision making.  Before, she was glowing, excited, full of life, and afterwards, she was pensive, afraid, unsure and slow to talk.   Sometimes circumstances are 100% perfect to move ahead, other times, not so perfect.  That makes us pause, and step back.  I think if things are more right then wrong, you owe it to yourself to move forward.   Your body, mind, and spirit will thank you.

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