Mental Tough

Most of us know that the practice of yoga brings strength in the body.  When the muscles are chronically tight, they cannot use the full range of movement, and therefore are restricted in strength.  One thing I’ve noticed lately, is that the practice of yoga brings mental strength as well.  When our mind is weak, we become indecisive.  It takes too long to accomplish items off our list.  Our mental state goes back and forth, weighing and analyzing each decision.  In short, we don’t get much accomplished.  It’s like our tires are stuck in the mud.

When your mind is clear, the path ahead of you is wide open.  You have a list, and check items off of it.  You are productive, in a flow.  The difference between being in a weak state of mind and a strong state is your attitude.  When you are mentally tough, and difficulties arise, (and they will) you believe that these are small obstacles that will eventually be overcome.  Being in a weak state allows you to bail out.  You blame everyone, and everything else as to why you didn’t overcome the obstacle.   And, the bigger the goal, the more obstacles will arise, to try and derail you.  This is where you dig your heels in, and rise above.  Speak words of faith over yourself.  Think back on a time, when you felt powerful.

Remember, when you practice yoga, you feel better.  Not only in your body, but most importantly in your mind.  Yoga gives us the tools to be able to accomplish all of our dreams.  It’s right within our grasp.  We just need to believe it!!





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