Mending Cracks

foundationOften, sometimes, without us even knowing it, there are cracks in our foundation.  These cracks can go hidden for many years or even lifetimes, until an event, such as a storm happens, and the crack widens, and makes itself known.  Thus is how I found myself 2 years ago.  At first, we try to fix the crack ourselves, as I tried.  We mask our feelings and emotions, and put them inside of ourselves.  Yet, this crack was in our family.  It had to be healed.

Slowly, with help from others, we began to fix this.  We fixed problems such as gender equality, handling of finances, sibling equality.  As I looked at this, I saw this crack came from both of our families and even society.   While I was working on my families “foundation”, I withdrew my light from the studio.  My light was needed at home, needed for myself and others in my family.  Others, (long time clients) could feel that my light was dim and left the studio.  But, in adversity, comes our biggest growth.  Our deep wound repaired with grace from God and others.

As I write this today, I would not have it any other way.  I willing go through it all again, to have the same outcome.  All of us are making our way to a higher place.  How does this come back to the practice of yoga?  Yoga mends our wounds, physically, mentally, spiritually.  As we practice and began to feel better, we uncover layers of emotions that have been trapped inside.  Sometimes, we hit a rocky road, or our foundation cracks.  This does not mean the yoga has stopped working, it means it’s REALLY working.  Deep inside, layers uncover for our light to heal us.  Today, I received a call.  This was from another mom, who uncovered a crack in their family.  Well, luckily, I’ve become a specialist in foundation repair.  I can help you with that 🙂

Through our biggest challenge, will come our light.  It will shine more than ever before.

In peace,


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