Membership letter


August 2nd, 2020

To:  Our most loyal constant members,


Without your constant support these past months, Anahata would have surely had to close it’s doors.   Your actions, big and small go a long way to help others, and by keeping your membership active at this time, we thank you from the bottom of our heart.  Most of our teachers have been able to keep up their teaching, which is a valuable source of income for them and their families.  We are committed to teaching and being here for you;  at the studio, or at home, it is a real truth;  that Anahata is not just brick and mortar, but a community of people who support growth and change.


A month ago, I adjusted each of your accounts, and sometime in the next 6-8 months, (if not sooner) you should see your auto pay go thru totalling 0 for the month, a total of 2 individual months.  I spread these free months of membership out to give the studio a chance to survive.  We have kept our virtual offerings, and plan to expand on those in the future.


Our software company, MindBody, let us virtually connect with you free for the past 2 to 3 months.  During that time, many technical issues were resolved, by them and us.  We feel confident that by offering JUST our members, our virtual offerings, will add value to your membership.  Most classes are offered at the studio, and some of them are offered both virtually and at studio.  However, our free trial has ended.


Because of your loyalty, all members will receive 10% off a regular priced retail items, such as mats, books, jewelry, and also 10% off any workshop you take in the future.  You will also notice and email in your inbox on your birthday with a coupon of $10.00 off any purchase more than $20.00.  Each time you refer another person, and they buy a membership, $5.00 is deposited into your rewards program.  Your rewards program lets you take off that amount towards your membership, workshops, or anything in the retail store.  You simply earn rewards by booking into your class ahead of time, and bringing your friends to the studio.


Our commitment is to add value to your memberships, and so All Access Members will continue to receive their live streaming favorite classes for free, with their membership.  In addition to unlimited live streaming, in September, we will also add Video on Demand, which means that all access members can download their favorite class when they have time to practice.


We cannot sustain this additional cost from our software company without a small surcharge to our unlimited yoga and hot yoga members.  As of Wednesday, August 5th, If you wish to add live streaming (only available to our current members) a small charge of $10 will be a separate charge to your membership each month.  Remember, you can cancel that at any time.  Staying connected is so vitally important to us, and our health, please let us know if it is a hardship that you cannot bear at this time, and we will make an exception.


Reaching out, meeting your needs, and staying connected is how we rock and roll.  As always, please let us know of any concerns you might have.  I do know that sometimes, technology is not our friend, and if you have had trouble live streaming in the past, please email me ( personally to help you set up a tech meeting to help you out with this.  Once you have done it, it is very easy to do so again.

In Gratitude,

Paula and the teachers, staff of Anahata Yoga Center

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