Making Peace with the “turds” in your life

Forewarned:  Please turn away from this blog if you are eating, or not feeling well, or maybe going to eat brown food for dinner.

We live in a lovely neighborhood with lots of friendly folks who have lots of dogs.  Our neighborhood is also connected, we have mailing lists, that we can send out, if one of us needs help, or a recommendation of something.  We also feel very blessed; it’s beautiful tree lined streets, pretty homes and nice landscaping overall make an awesome place to live.  Many people walk here, with their dogs. Quite frequently when dogs walk they take care of business, most likely not in your yard.    So, to take care of that, the dog walkers use bags to pick up turds.  Most of us, including myself, don’t want to carry a bag of turds on our walk; I used to leave it in the gutter, and pick it up on my return to the house, as well as most walkers.

Here in lies the problem.  Occasionally, people get upset when there are foreign turds in their yards.  People also get upset when they see bags of turds lining the streets.  These people take to the computer, and vent out their frustrations to the neighbors to PLEASE pick up the bags, the turds, etc.  Once I had a neighbor ask me and my dog not to pee in his yard- it turned the grass brown.   I understand the neighbors want a clean place to live, but is this worth getting upset about?

Yoga 101.  If you get upset with a little turd in your life, God will give you more turds as a learning lesson.  In fact, a great dane might come into your yard, and really give you a pile.  (According to my son who lives with a great dane; they can put out big stuff)  What are you going to do?  A yogi would just go and pick it up.  Yes, it was not theirs, yes, it was wrong, but you have to move on.  Yoga practice gives us the tools mentally, physically, spiritually, to let the little turds go in our lives.  Your body does not want to hold that stress after doing yoga.  The more you get upset, vent, the more little things in life will come and disrupt your peace, until you have no peace.  The older you get, the more “turds” you see, and the more upset you get.

Life will occasionally throw some big ones out.  Guess what?  The more you can handle the little things in life, the better you are at coping during a crisis.  You see the big picture.  Life is meant for love and loving, turds and all.

Yoga 101.  The more you also vent and complain, the more you will have to complain about.  This is a difficult lesson for some of us, but this is what yoga teaches us.

It’s time to let go and be FREE,

It’s time for yoga in your life.

See you on the mat,



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