Loving yourself fully

Unbeknownest to me when I became a yoga teacher, was how much I really enjoy helping others.  I came to teacher training with a singular goal: to finally rid myself of hip pain.  To start the process of wanting to heal yourself is a good enough reason to take yoga teacher training.  You learn many things in teacher training that you will never be introduced in a regular yoga class.  It is a turbo jet start to your transformation.  But what I have learned along the way, is I really enjoy helping others achieve their goals,  to feel good about themselves, to put a smile on their face.  Making people feel good about themselves is something we all strive to do, whether we help out a neighbor, donate items to the hungry, or do it everyday through our job.

I think some of the most powerful jobs are which we are helping others.  This can come in many different ways, through directly helping, or indirectly.  I’m so thankful when 1 person shows up for my class!  This desire to help others should be at the core of our living.  I try to be as prepared in my training to be able to help my clients out, as best as my abilities.  That is why we should always be striving to be just a little better than we were yesterday.

Over the weekend, I received an email from a client who used to come to me for yoga.  Leigh and I go way back, back to when I first started teaching yoga.  Always so fun to teach, and a joy to practice with, Leigh was a big fan, and always brought me clients.  She would rally her friends, family to come to yoga.  I love her smiley face and her southern charm.  We have kept in touch, even when she moved.  She mentioned in her email that she is taking yoga teacher training.  I’m so happy for her!!  So beyond happy, that a seed I planted many years ago, is blooming into a gorgeous flower!  Many prayers and good wishes go out to Leigh!!  You will be an awesome teacher!

At first when I came to yoga, I was needy.  I needed to heal myself, I needed to feel worthy, needed acceptance, needed to feel loved.  My yoga teachers gave me that.  When you are young, love comes from others, but as you grow up, love should come from you.  It should be so overflowing, that your love flows out to others.  That is what yoga does for you.  It helps you love yourself.

See you on the mat,


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