Love yourself First

Love yourself First

Doing Yoga and setting aside time for yourself in our society sometimes feels selfish.  I very much felt this way when I signed up for yoga teacher training.  I was mostly a stay at home mom, and summer time was my time to get everyone where they needed to be.  I also loved being with them, having extra time to do stuff that wasn’t possible during the school year.

Now I realize what a blessing that was at that time in my life.  Not only did it change me, it changed my whole family.  Taking the time to heal myself on the deepest level that yoga offered was a very necessary part of their childhood.  Underneath my exterior mom, wife, sister side I held a little deep seated resentment.  Somehow, everyone else got to do fun stuff except me.  This is probably the single most selfish thing I’ve ever done, and yet, it created a ripple effect I still see in my family today.  Taking care of my resentment, my kids and husband released theirs.

At one point, I asked my students what kept them motivated to keep coming back to their mat, and a student said, “It helps keep me sane!!  My kids notice when I’ve missed practice, and they tell me to go to yoga.”.  I think that is the highest compliment!!

After my yoga teacher training, I asked my husband if he noticed a difference.  YES! he says!  He noticed I’m a better driver….(not impatient, cursing or yelling at drivers), and that generally I seemed more happy.  Seems to me, we all need to spread some more happy in the world.

Anything is possible, at anytime in your life.  Take the time for you.  Take time to heal that pain in your body, or inside your heart.  The world will be a kinder, gentler place for us all if we all practiced yoga.

See you on the mat,


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