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My teacher used to say that all of us are making our way up the mountain.  Some of us use the quickest, hardest path upwards, and others choose a more lengthy route in circles, slowing making our way up.  Others skip from one path to the other.  At times others come into our path and help us overcome a hurdle.  No one way is the right way; we get to pick and choose according to our circumstances.  When we make our way up to the top, we are light.  We have been transformed by the struggles of our journey.  When we make it to the top, and find our light, our whole vibration reverberates out to the universe.  This world as we know it will never be the same.  Our lives change, and the life of everyone we meet is affected by this vibration.  After finding our own light we help others find theirs; we help them up the mountain.

All of us come to this earth with “samaskaras”.  Samaskaras are deeply ingrained tendencies or habits that we repeat over and over again, until we choose to accept our pain, and then use measures to deal with it.  Some people have physical pain, say an old injury of shoulder, hip, knee pain that bothers us.  Others carry emotional pain; the pain of losing a loved one.  Some of us carry  mental burdens; such as not enjoying our job.  All of these pains (physical, emotional, mental) can be used as transformations up our journey to the top of the mountain.

For certain, our life will contain struggles and pain.  It’s our choices and decisions in that pain that are the turning point.  Are we willing to change and grow?  Can we reach out and ask for help when we need it?   Are we willing to accept the beauty of our soul and turn into light helping others?  This is the path of yoga, the path of our soul.  Remember, there are many ways, different ways I won’t mention that don’t involve yoga and it’s practices.  But the practice of yoga makes our journey easy.  Others are here to help us.  It’s like a free pass, or a extra vacation day that you didn’t know you had.

Here are some different paths of yoga that will “lighten” your burdens……

The physical practice of yoga.  If you take one class a week; make a commitment and come 2 or 3 times. Try a different class, with a different teacher.

The practice of yoga nidra.   Nidra, meaning sleep, is a deep relaxation form of yoga, and a technique to awaken the connection between body, mind, and soul. The practice is like a deep sleep while you are still awake.  This reduces physical, emotional and mental pain helping you overcome stress and bring more joy into your life.  This method is simple yet powerful.  Join Valarie Louis, teacher, spiritual consultant, and energy healer on Saturday, July 22nd from 4-6 pm at Anahata for summer vacation series.  She will take you “higher”.

Yoga Teacher Training.  Good news, you have made a decision to deal with the “pain”.  You have made it up to a secondary level.  Your choice now becomes to heal yourself, and help others do the same.  All you have to know now is this,  The more yoga you do the better you feel.   You want to feel better yourself, or help others feel awesome as well.

Aerial Hammock Classes.  When people have asked me what this is, I jokingly reply, “Aerial Hammock is the most intense and wonderful type of yoga.”  Maybe you are unaware of your pain.  Not only will you find your source of pain quickly, you can deal with it.  Hanging upside down strongly activates your bodily systems that govern your health, and help rid yourself of toxins that cause pain.  And yes, environmental toxins can cause knee, hip, shoulder pain.   Strengthening your core and front body will relieve back pain, while hanging upside down lengthens the vertebrae in the spine that are compressed and causing discomfort.  Wrapping the fabric around different parts of your body activates “marma” points, or acupuncture points that bring physical, mental and emotional health.  Hanging upside down makes you happy.

Aerial Hammock Teacher Training.  You have taken steps to deal with the pain.  You are a “spiritual warrior”, a teacher (Pilates or yoga), a healer who is already helping others to “lighten up”.  This is your  next step.   I have personally seen amazing stuff happen with this practice of inversions.  I have seen it in my body and others.

You can see the above paths vary in complexity, time, and effort.  Now the “ball” is in your court.  Your decision of today will effect your future.  All is ask is this……”How do you want to live your life?”  “How high can I fly?”

See you on the mat,


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