Life Challenges

Many of us face challenges in our lives;  most of it is the little stuff of day to day living.  Carving time out for self care, family responsibilities and managing our professional lives is just a bit of the little stuff.  Sometimes, in our lives, we hit a big challenge.  These challenges come in the form of changing jobs, divorce, money issues, or family crisis.  These big challenges can take us years of processing the different emotions that arise with these big life changes.  That is ok, because we have the practice of yoga to help us overcome and even rise up higher than we were before.

I’m in the midst of such a big change now.  My husband took a retirement package some 5 years ago.  It has been a struggle watching him trying to get a job.  Nevertheless, on most days, we have a positive attitude, hoping and believing it will be forth coming.  It’s easy when undergoing one of these big life changes, to lose hope, and sink into depression or its friend, anxiety.  At times, both of us have felt these emotions ride over us.

Most of us just bury these emotions inside of us, where left alone, they manifest into tension in the body.  A regular yoga practice will move these emotions out of the body, and in its place leave joy and a relaxed body.  Also of great benefit is the practice of bhakti yoga, or chanting.

I will admit that I’ve struggled with those emotions since we have no significant income, and are forced to dip into funds we have saved.  Yesterday was just such a day, and driving I felt some anxious feelings arising.  However, I knew just what to do.  I pulled up one of my favorite chants, and sung my heart out, or rather, my anxiousness out.  Almost immediately, I felt my joy return.  If the bhakti or chanting didn’t get those out, the hot yoga session did.

All of us are created for joy and happiness.  It is hardwired in us.  Don’t let life circumstances rob you of your joy.  You are lucky to be alive on this day, and have a unique purpose that only you can do.  Use your breath to serve, in whatever you do.  Practice yoga, practice chanting, and let those emotions ride on out, where they do not serve you or your purpose.

See you on the mat,


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