Lessons of Life and Yoga

Lessons of Life and Yoga

One of the hardest steps of yoga for me is letting go of my actions and not wanting/expecting anything to come out of it.  I find that this concept goes against all that was taught to me in school, and by my parents.  For instance, don’t you usually hear these common sayings?

“Do your work and all is coming”

“Hard work always pays off”

“What you sow now, you will reap later”

Sometimes, we become so driven to achieve something, the very thought of not succeeding slams us hard.  The fear of failure lurks in our background and threatens to come out.  Such is the life of a business owner and yoga practitioner.  Sigh.  As a business owner, I have learned many things about myself.   Somewhere along this journey of opening a yoga center, running it, has consumed me, in a non yogic way.  In my quest, I have forgotten the lessons of yoga, which basically say, “do your actions, but do not expect any fruit”.  The same is true when you practice yoga.  People are scared they are not going to be good at yoga, or they are too tight, or too worried, or too sick to do yoga.  So, they end up not coming to yoga.  This is why we do yoga, to become more flexible and strong in all our endeavors.

This concept came to me loud and clear this morning.  Somebody who I had taught one class to, came to practice this morning.  4 years ago, I taught a free class at Lululemon.  At that time, I had hoped, as a business owner, that some of those people might come to the studio.  You see, I have tied my actions of doing (teaching yoga)  to expecting (reward of money) .  As I sat and breathed in, a little voice says, “relax, and just do your job”.  Well, I love yoga, and I love to teach it.  This week I have taught clients who were scared to death of hanging from a little silk hammock.  I have helped them succeed.  I have helped them overcome this obstacle, the way my teacher(s) helped me.  At the end of the day, this is what fuels me.  I have found my passion.

At the end of  life, we all know that our life is not defined by who we are, and what we’ve accomplished.  We will be judged by the way we have treated others.  By coming and practicing yoga here, you have helped me beyond words.  Nothing excites me more that seeing the glow of health from yoga come into my clients eyes.  I thrill in delight when my clients get a concept that I’m teaching.  I’m honored and humbled at the trust you have put in me, and every teacher who is here.

Breath.  Just breath.  Just breath and do your very best at whatever you do.  Forgive yourself when you stumble.  Pick others up when they stumble.  We are in this together.  From BKS Iyengar:  “Even very sick people can practice yoga.  By getting into position (asana) and resting, health is restored.   Blood is restricted in one area of the body, so it can flow to the parts that need it.  Nothing should stop you from wanting to practice yoga.


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