It’s your turn to change the world.

It’s your turn to change the world.

Division, Separation, Injustice, Hurt, Anger are just a few emotions that are floating around with the current state we are in.  Injustice over the way people are being treated, Hurt and Anger over the pandemic.  And lurking behind all of that is sadness and grief.  We can rally, protest and cry out for much needed change;  as we should.  But today I’m going to propose another idea of action.  The action of yoga by YOU.  Let me explain a part of the yoga sutras.

The reason that we see division, separation, injustice is because we ourselves have dished that out in the past.  Sometimes that is a hard pill to swallow, that we ourselves could be cruel, unkind, or unforgiving.  Lets look at yoga sutra 34 A, and B:

34  A    the images –

People who hurt me or the like –

Come from what I did myself;

Or got others to do for me;

Or what I was glad to hear

Others had done.

34  B     and what came before them

Was either craving, or hating,

Or dark ignorance.

But!!!  First of all, it’s amazing that you can SEE this injustice.  There are people in the world who can NOT SEE these injustices going on, and for those people;  yoga is not for them right now.  If you can see these ways that others can hurt others, then  yoga practice is a very practical useful technique to change the world.  That is sometimes hard to realize, that when you step on your mat, you are really saying, I want this to END.  I’ve had enough of pain and suffering in the world, and I’m going to end it with ME! and this practice of yoga.  For the sutras go further on and say…..

35        if you make it a way of life

Never to hurt others,

Then in your presence

All conflict comes to an end.

Meaning, that just by doing the practice of yoga, you will NOT SEE conflict in your presence.  No more conflict in your home, or arguing, disagreeing, but simply doing this practice of yoga.  Changing ourselves is hard.  The first step to change, is to recognize that we need it in our lives.  Then our practice becomes to dig out the pain.  Align yourself correctly.  When regular yoga becomes easily done, step up to hot yoga, and when that becomes easy, aerial yoga, or change up your practice from aerial to regular yoga.  Move, breath, and connect to your LOVE.  The change that is needed begins with you.

See you on the mat,



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