It’s our choice

It’s our choice

Everyday, we are faced with decisions.  We create our lives by our thoughts, words and actions.  Often people say it’s hard to find the time to get to yoga.  I understand how busy we really are.  But with a little creative thinking, we can find the time for everything we WANT to do.  Often, it’s about shifting priorities.  Let other people in your life do the errands this week.  Let your teenagers cook, go to the store, and do their own laundry.

Maybe we have to get out of balance, to realize how important balance really is.  When my kids were little, life was busy.  I think it was easier to meet their needs, and ignore my own, for a time.  When I “woke” up, I started making better decisions.  After not working our regularly for years, I started bicycling.   Feeling so much better, I took to extremes in my work out regime.  First a 30 minute spin class was enough.  Then I started “adding”.  I wasn’t happy until doing an hour or more of cardio per day, plus weights.  When I started training for a marathon, I developed hip pain.  The only thing that took my hip pain away was yoga.  I just went from one extreme to another, without being in balance.

Today, my life is in balance.  Yes, I’m super crazy running a business, but I do take time.  I make a choice for yoga practice everyday, even if it’s just 5 or 10 min.  I make a choice to work out, and do cardio 3 times a week or so.   I also make the choice to have fun in my life.  I also choose to make time for family, friends, and my husband.  I also meditate everyday.  I can’t tell you how this has made a difference in my life.  Yes, my work is demanding, but I know if I show up stressed, I’m not going to be an effective teacher.

So my question to you is this…..At the end of your life is your “work” going to be what you remember or others remember you doing?  And before the next thought comes in, “Yes, you can find a job loving what you do, and get paid for it”.  “Yes, you can be creative with your time, and fit in all you want to do”.

After all, it is your choice,  See you on the mat,



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